Michelle Barnett Photography

Style Guide


The question is always daunting "What will I wear?!"

Don't worry we've compiled a small style guide to help ease you through the process!



Neutrals always photograph best.

When choosing neutral outfits think of earthy colors: tans, light blues, browns, beige, white, grey, etc.

Start with one person's outfit (usually the  mom or daughter) and choose the remaining outfits based off that. 

When selecting the next person's outfit try to keep in mind coordinating colors as you can see in the following palettes.






Spring is a great season to add pops of colors to your wardrobe.

Some great spring colors to try: pastel colors, pinks, blues, whites, khaki, floral.

When adding a prints like floral or stripes don't over do it. If you are planning on wearing a pattern keep the other people in coordinating solids.

A great tip when wearing a pattern is to try and pull a color out of that pattern to dress the remaining people in.



Summer is great time for dresses + shorts for the men in your life.

Although summer is a fun colorful time of the year things to avoid when dressing for your session are: NEON COLORS. 

Lime greens, bright yellows, hot oranges, fuchsia, are colors that should be avoided if possible in your summertime shoot.

Dress for the weather - if the high is going to be 90 out try wearing a flowy dress, dress the guys in shorts, and bring a cloth to dry up any unwanted sweat.



When getting a big group together coordinating outfits can be a challenge.

It is helpful to pick out a color or a color scheme and go from there. I usually suggest blue since everyone seems to have blue in their closets and add a coordinating color for some variation in your big group.

When it comes to big groups be sure to communicate with each other on your outfits.

Keep the patterns to a minimum - a whole group of people in clashing patterns would not photograph well.



Fall is a great time to pull out those dark rich colors.

When choosing a yellow be sure to choose a mustard shade and not a neon.

As you can see in our example two girls are in solids and one girl is in a pattern. The solid colors that the girls have on coordinate with the colors in the patterned dress.

To elongate your neck we don't recommend scarfs for adults.

If you choose to wear a vest go for a light weight non puffy vest.



When your thinking of your upcoming session deciding if you want to go for a casual or dressier look is a good place to start.

When choosing a dressier styled shoot suits, suit jackets, ties, button ups, etc. are great for the guys.

A cute dress, flowy romper,  heels, wedges, and full glam hair and make up is a beautiful look for the girls.  

We want you to feel confident and beautiful at your photoshoot! this guide is what we have learned along the way what photographs best. we hope it inspires you when you are deciding what to wear. of course, this guide is just our suggestions. if you find something you feel beautiful and comfortable in but don't feel it 'fits our guide' don't worry about it! confidence photographs better than anything else and if you feel beautiful it will show in your photos. Need more inspiration? click here.