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Hey, I'm Michelle

Artistic expression has always been a huge part of my life; and, photography has become my outlet. Like most mommas, my children are my inspiration. If there was a feasible way to take their pictures all day -without tantrums, I would. Although, that would be super boring for y'all, I'd be living the life. A woman can dream, right?
When I'm not bribing my children with gummy snacks & making hollow threats to coax a real smile out of them, you can find me (at the nearest Mexican restaurant sipping a salty, frozen margarita. Just kidding...mostly.) sunset watching, baby snuggling, or realistically sitting at Olive Garden with a huge bowl of salad... Yum!
So, how does this all relate to you? My life is an upside down, fun filled, high speed, roller coaster with two small (at this moment) kiddos joining us on the ride & I'm LOVING every minute of it! I would love to have (almost) every, beautiful moment documented so my husband and I could relive it, day after day, year after year. Let's be real, time FLIES! You don't want to miss a second! I want to capture your story, as it's being lived! No matter the journey, it's so important to share.
I will warm your walls by creating unique, timeless images of your memories. Your story, whether it's baby snuggling, toddler chasing, romance blooming, or cap and gown wearing... needs to be told! I am here to capture it for you!        




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